Wild for Life is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization specializing in the rehabilitation of native wildlife. We are funded solely by public donations, receiving no federal or state funding and are run strictly by volunteers. While our primary mission at Wild for Life is to facilitate the protection, conservation, and preservation of local ecosystems through wildlife rehabilitation, we also recognize the innate importance that public education has for the growth and longevity of this mission.

Therefore our second goal is to provide memorable and meaningful educational programs to a variety of local organizations within our community. These encompass schools, after-school programs, libraries, civic organizations, children’s camps, as well as other venues. It is the children of today who are responsible for protecting the environment of tomorrow and the preservation of the precious world we share. We firmly believe that our educational outreach programs constitute a vital and necessary step towards creating a world in which sustainability and ecological responsibility compliment and fulfill human life.
Wild for Life continues to develop knowledge and techniques necessary for the optimal care of each individual species. We are, and must be licensed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and federally licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to possess rehabilitation and educational wild animals.
Wild for Life is the only established wildlife rehabilitation facility, 501(c)3 organization, within a 50 mile radius of Asheville.



Wild for Life provides exceptional and compassionate care for animals in need of help with the goal to release these animals back to their native wild habitat.

The vast majority of animals received by Wild for Life are brought to us as a result of human interaction. Injuries include animals that have been hit by a car, shot, run over by a lawnmower, wrapped in barbed wire, caught by a dog or cat, a result of habitat destruction, and other injuries requiring specific medical, nutritive and supportive care.
We provide educational programs, internship and volunteer opportunities, and a great place for individuals or groups to complete service learning projects.



Wild for Life exists because of the need: the need of the animals, the need of the environment, and the need of the human community. Every individual wild animal deserves the right to complete its place in the circle of life. The vast majority of animals that come to us for rehabilitation have had some kind of negative interactions with humans (i.e. habitat destruction, hit by a car, caught by a pet, gunshot, wrapped in barbed wire, hit by a lawnmower, flown into a window, etc.).

Wild for Life feels humans take so much away from the environment and rehabilitation is our way of giving something back. Many people want to help when they encounter an injured animal; we provide a place where they can turn and show their caring and compassion. It is one living being helping another.
“Together We Can Make a Difference”



1. Wild for Life is operated by dedicated volunteers.

2. Funding is provided by caring individuals that believe in our cause. We receive no state or federal funding.
3. In-Kind donations are received from the community.
4. Our fundraisers provide us with additional financial support and increased visibility.
5. We continue to pursue other funding sources such as grants, trust funds and more. Please contact us if you have funding ideas or opportunities.


Wild for Life is a 501(c)3
non-profit organization